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Price of pantoprazole tablets in india

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I knew Pharmacy was legitimate when the first prescription arrived and the customer service immediately replied to me the status when I questioned my order. In the past, when it takes a long time to receive a med from online and you correspond with the vendor, and they do not answer, you know you just lost your money! This has happened to me so many times. Thanks MCP for your excellent medication (it was Protonix) and assuring me all is going to happen and working with me! I look forward to future business! I recommend this company to anyone that is thinking of their best interest, and looking for inexpensive high-quality medication!

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I have been on Omeprazole / Pepcid for 5 years and pantaprazole for couple months in the middle, if the symptoms became worse. I used to feel little itchy + seon my hands 5 years ago when I took pantaprazole for a month. My doc had me to switch to Omeprazole regularly. After an year my doc had me to switch to Pepcid regularly since Omeprazole gave me acid rebound! So it became like, if the symproms show up bad, I would start with Pantaprazole coupld weeks and switch to Omeprazole and finally switch to Pepcid ongoing. But since an year ao. Pepcid + Omeprazole do not work! My doc had me to take Pantaprazole for the past 6 months regularly. Its perfect, its working very well for me. No more sleepless nights! Surprisingly no itching this time!

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