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Norlevo 1.5mg online canada, buy now norlevo pharmacy certain

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Can aftera mess up your period? It can mess up your menstrual cycle big time The morning after pill releases a dose of the hormone progesterone, which is likely to affect when your period arrives, depending on the time you take it during your cycle. However, if you're three to four weeks late you should take a pregnancy test to be sure.
Can you get the morning after pill without parents knowing? Yes. Anyone can get emergency contraception (also known as Plan B or the Morning - After pill), no matter how old you are. Plan B is available over-the-counter at most drugstores. Even your partner or a friend can buy the pill for you.
Are all morning after pills the same? Actually, there is no difference. Emergency contraceptive pills are often called " morning after pills " and sometimes even "day after pills " because you can use them after sex to prevent pregnancy.
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